The Property

Please click on the photos below for additional information about each part of the property.
Pot Island Topographical Map

Island Views

Pot Island is one of the outermost Thimble
Islands, offering unobstructed views of Long
Island Sound to the East, and amazing sunsets
over the other islands and shoreline to the West.

The Porches

Enjoy a restorative morning cup of coffee
on the sunrise porch, or a candlelight dinner on
the covered Victorian porch. Watch the lights on
the shore emerge as sunset gives way to night.

Beach and Dock at Thimble Island House

The Meadow

Traverse the picturesque meadow as you walk
from the private dock to the splendid 166 year
old residence, a former Victorian hotel. The
pink granite rocks and peaceful landscape invite
you to experience something truly unique.

The Dock and Beach

The newly restored 40′ dock can accommodate
boats of up to 25 feet in length, or 2-3 boats
with a draft of @3 feet. Car and winter boat
parking are available in Stony Creek and
larger boats can be moored offshore.

Pot Island Channel View

The Channel Lot

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