Stony Creek, CT

A scenic and historic waterfront community, located in Branford’s southeast corner, Stony Creek is the nearest port for the Thimble Islands.

Stony Creek, CTStony Creek, CT
Thimble IslandsStony Creek, CT

Thimble Island Ferry

In 2012, a new 14 passenger Thimble Island Ferry was purchased, to be captained by Branford’s Bill Smith.

Please click the links below for additional information on town resources, shopping, entertainment, cruising and where to stay in town.

Stony Creek Museum Stony Creek Library
The Puppet House Theater Thimble Islands Ferry
 Thimble Islands Ferry, Branford, CT
Stony Creek Antiques Stony Creek Market
Thimbles Cruise with Captain Bob Thimbles Cruise with Captain Mike
Linden Point House Hotel  Pine Orchard Yacht Club

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